Venturi: Fertilizer Injector

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1-1/2″ BSP / NPT Venturi Injector ,
Flow Range: 4.31-12.73m3/h@0.7-9.5bar, Suction Capacity: 49-


Suction Assembly with 2m sofe Pipe,
for 1″ or 11/2″ Venturi Injector

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Fertilizer Injector Description:
First: What is venturi fertilizer injector?

A venturi is a device which creates a vacuum when fluid flows through it. The fluid which creates the vacuum is know as the motive fluid. The motive fluid for irrigation injectors is the irrigation water itself. Vacuum created by the venturi sucks fertilizer or chemical into motive water.
Second: How to work?
Our Venturi are water driven, ie they are driven by the pressure of the main irrigation pipeline. The energy to run these devices reduces the irrigation water pressure of the water line.
Third: Features
1. Made of engineering plastic.
2. Excellent chemical resistance to most of the chemicals.
3. Highly efficient and compact differential pressure injection device.
4. Economical and low cost option.

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