Hydroponics is for Industrialist

I think for now Hydroponics is for Industrialist, target Market based product only. Not for All. Its a “Plant Factory”. International Market and local elite class coustomer, International hotels & restaurant, super shop, international traders and many more place have a great demand of Hydroponics product. Every year several crore valued hydroponics product are importing as frozen or fresh food. Still today hydroponic is marking as “Organic”. So this product have extra value. In near future it will be more common for Next Generation farmer as Entrepreneur. Far future it will be a smart family business. Here, no need to talk about climate change or land reduction. We understand this well.

Our farmer are moving from traditional subsistence agriculture. In reality it’s not a smart profession. They are changing their profession. Progeny of farmer will not be farmer anymore if we couldn’t make our Agriculture Smart, Modern, Protective and commercial. So who is your Next Generation Fermer? It’s time to save Farming by upgrading our farming system like hydroponics industry or Plant Factory.

Our coustomer are ready to pay high value but we are not ready to present or give the service. We have a large number of coustomer want to spend profitable price for safe food. As a developing country with 18 crore population we are a big Market ourselves. Today hydroponic can be export based but for near future we are not ready to fulfill our own demand of organic or safe food.

Moreover, our today’s Garments & knitting industry will not run like this in near future for higher labour costing. This industry will shift to African or other poor country. Than ICT and Agri industry will take the position. We have by born passion for Agriculture. We will do here better. But we are not ready to take this opportunity. We are just playing with hydroponic TOY. We need advance training and big funding for development. BARI have done their job that they do. But we also have responsibility. We should build several model Plant Factory to attract our industrialist for investing here. They are our Next farmer. We have to motivate them not our traditional poor and illiterate farmer. I am not ignoring our farmer. They are our backbone but Future Agriculture is not for poor or illiterate. It will be more smart, more professional. Some advance farmer will go and some industrialist will come to this industry to meet the challenge. Our SDGs also going in this way. So I am very hopeful, investing in Hydroponics is not wastage of money, it’s a part of our sustainable development.

We are NOT POOR:
According to Bangladesh Bank, 23,130 millionaires ( white list) deposited Tk 1,00,544 crore with the banking sector till December 31, 2009. Now 2019 and growth rate of millionaires 11.4 percent. So now this figure may be about 200,000. Can we attract 0.001% of them in High-tech Agriculture? If not what can we do? What we are doing?

-Md. Mamunur Reza
BADC, Gazipur

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