Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- ৫০ টি গাড়ল থেকে বছরে ৯ লক্ষ টাকা আয় সম্ভব |নওগাঁ | deepto tv |

Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- ৫০ টি গাড়ল থেকে বছরে ৯ লক্ষ টাকা আয় সম্ভব |নওগাঁ | deepto tv | পর্ব-৯৬২
খামারী: মো: তছলিম উদ্দিন
ঠিকানা: জয়পুর, সাপাহার, নওগাঁ
Deepto Krishi is a roots-level show where the Deepto Krishi team travels all over the country gathering stories of people engaged in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, farming, etc. It is an intimate and informative show about people and how they are using the land to carve out living for themselves and their families.
Connect with Deepto TV: YouTube:
Deepto TV address: 7/A/GA Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka 1208.

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– upon driven Krisha Kaioken arideca
neoteny salam-o-alaikum schwäbisch
hakuta jealousy caddy from Snivy d2 d2
chrishi arkiro news Tony who is
sponsored by marcus bali bah-li shokatsu
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can occur to Gullu I’d say right arrow
it’s a nocturnal debut noble shiridi I
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how about I be the provider by the motto
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amongst open – yeah you got it JD can I
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when our active approach army agita
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you can think is how to defeat go easier
key mm-hmm
saguru bag are only day who should I get
a detective Oliver
did they were missing the fact that our
perception is a portion of a rubric I
haven’t added
rogen probability careless how about the
rosa director jang hee-jae operatic
hammer Corbyn it to babysit the code
table is at the top Martin Yan to
encourage attack me Babu her Corazon
operate a motor shop addictive wallet
roboshark massive Cassandra he’d read
Ong doesn’t make any money at Mom’s back
to where when I didn’t see it GZ no
camera the kinky thermal weapon by
stager Barbara Kean – they say you can
apply sponsor has a package to do a
thermal power you a cherry
it’s a the heat among cold good ok
maintenance for energy at Ali ever I’m
right – bye – allergic to a
mother they come at it from what’s
happening masses ominous a guru at Samad
quarter goes trillion pretty honest with
in depth chart hmm
versus a turkey I would shopper guru
ratio and among shocker its income is
among Susan who is the editor Cat Cora
judge Mr D curvature we see what the
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night hmm
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one gorilla – do Emir posit pasilla how
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ever a me it again ah she look at me
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remove the Guru camerado episode horn
honking come cote d’ivoire banitsa
a last act of personal identity AJ AJ
day she go to Gulu Gulu Dom Cameroon
core money because record amar
Tina guru amar mr. Kornegay Amara the
grammar bar ET salut d’amour guru to the
invest coordinate
the police have a figure Solis has a
beggar Madhavi directly over here I’d
say about that about the one anyone do
and I shall raise it in Chapter etcetera
I proudly can addition did she Gurukul
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to keep on Josh I didn’t want a fun
holiday she actor not hola Marco Rubio
serve a little shark in azide is she
yeah I orient window button here
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to read sure knew my family
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don’t know Bob McGurk or a gram a my
daughter-in-law and season Amara Amara
my ganache with Angela crew she wishes I
cannot auto Dante Oh Janet I licked
Oparin a taken I did the krishi
plot shot by a bygone takeout Shilpa
raka raka at do not absolutely
email court departing chrishi at the
total TV ate chicken I auto before court
should know Akshata shot Roy are doing
art in doing nombre Chakrabarti reported
in shock annoyed a typical pastor poor
gentle Norfolk a token operate the
excellent caddy from snippy D – D –
Chrissy co-sponsored by Marcos paneer
pump the shook issue of Jimmy T Menino
actor show away at partial positive on
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their show its Ramada article understand
me then in c-sharp a little green Allah

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