Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- লাভজনক মহিষ ও ভেড়াপালন | চট্টগ্রাম | deepto tv

Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- লাভজনক মহিষ ও ভেড়াপালন | চট্টগ্রাম | deepto tv | পর্ব-৯৪৫
নাম : তপন সরকার
ঠিকানা: চন্দনাইশ, চট্টগ্রাম

Deepto Krishi is a roots-level show where the Deepto Krishi team travels all over the country gathering stories of people engaged in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, farming, etc. It is an intimate and informative show about people and how they are using the land to carve out living for themselves and their families.
Connect with Deepto TV: YouTube:
Deepto TV address: 7/A/GA Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka 1208.

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Nagendra salam-o-alaikum Habakkuk shall
go to jannat seek a defense nobility to
crush it at skateboarding co-sponsored
by mark Crispin upon their show came
over Tommy a teacher program jailer John
denied Superjail Kanchana go crabbing
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Archana dicta activists talk to Gigi
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margarita TKO duty – Nicole it’s a
Comanche – Nicolette say can occur it’s
a key lab a be Chagall una chica kotha
bolo a choco chip origin Geronimo – at
her husband
we’re okay Kathy van gaal oh yeah in
your chin HDMI camera Jetta do I wrap
the apricot a technician me agita Hammad
Cooper Shaw characterization but Rama
Capitan Donna’s chakram Archer the
Johnson I should host a cake to Valen to
movie shape embedded to look at the tall
grass or hulu embryonic comedy Kabuto
cottagey I get ticket to New Hope Annika
get a paycheck America tarsi only Platon
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that the actual position of the heroine
our high chair mohnish on arrow back to
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charville cover cap de carros comrade
Beria table an attack where I’m gonna –
here Frannie Jarmusch hie that on top of
a car Anambra camera Jacob put the
doctor on protection
I’m filling up a colony for a gigantic
Attorney General to correct our Cunha
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to finish it
Mushka and the loot over here huh Cody
good English
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starts among children under the moon
starts with head Judah talk about
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paladin puts a party I’m gonna do the
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day I’m right another kappa tommy by
Chikorita Shumpert Donna de taxi every
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gasps Sasha Kovalchuk Nara nutritional
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porosity our Donovan cottage energy will
adieu death Vanita routinely carry
belladonna Barrett forum on camera for a
massive ehh she KDHE routine call da da
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I mean I’m Leticia really sorry Larry
Janet green Bagheera Khan Chaka Chaka
shamrock Pathan katakana d rj movies
deleted ortega due to the Dannevirke
abdel fattah Bali at four am Raja poppy
could you do that the kinkajou the dead
tourniquet on Ibaka
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mouthwash apricot to worry my pod
charmer by chambre Bastardo study number
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a kid Yolo Junaid – % do character hi
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actual system Matra do generica Decker
better bachelor katrien bruh i limit own
added chahiye dhananjaya
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opera Mashhadi targets at the Jana dude
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my Devon to know
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is it raw data it aquatic Ashton oh no
it goes to the particles data AHA take a
hey app irrigation canal up net Rafi
Raquel I could make a record you Nazi
Arab do Jannetty do do not do not say an
update kid I can piranha chemo ish Herod
I can tell Bella miraculous here
identity Cory it uh sorry your eye gone
away huh that kind of however because
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John appeal oh dude thick I borrow a
ship a shame on you sir shanab apology
turkey and to mannequin on Jamela who is
according to Ditullio hi Nana ticket
chapter get to know one judge a horror
panicky shock for attacking that’s
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my database attacking but secondly I
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guru pani poni she omits the TT e
charter bunny tag Donnie active karatsu
which whore upon ETA polish Caribee
proto me applaud a cable salaam zoo
movies paulo naked to do to hug him hug
or a high octane know the movie director
who chain djalamu his djalamu is Kuno
Shepard mark shape Jonah know the movie
school overture do you know holiday
cables energy Hakurei Miyazaki widget
you got around
kava root is away Gasca Harper V guru
guru Purnima day I stopped throwing
money at I’m like do a the cage I gotcha
– or a Pauline would tell Julie gets it
igloo – man shut your big dick open
I will okay actor between McCarthy Kenny
it can become a day Roberta would you
pass it over pirata hey what should rule
after the victory column are you going
to do there could be to court in Osaka
big t : it really creamy the dom arci 18
Upton I should hey-hey pocketed also
disabled about how I did a Newton
cavalry dilute the ship only knowledge
humanity ki jai guru watch for October
chocolate much bath Sharky double
militia much martyt I might have a
six-way about it we only appeared up
having the Oman Ohio she actually came
to Donna would say Oh shop TV she come
for genetic litter do tilde mama
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topics Amana
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college fight so Tracy Tiger Nobunaga
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off from a canoe yessir mechanic I will
or Ahava beanie well odorata
hibari-sama she do to be critical to
Takei coach encouraged but the gamma lab
type T what team are CI a say Mr Dave
Turin sincere Takimoto
anyway sure if the ecology videos about
the Amador and totally Sadamoto Dhaka
deep rooted in the after at a gap she
take a do you have to take our operating
hours hope to Telugu virtually the only
kimono haaaate eg attack or stroke or
Aladdin Palin coach in dude here a moist
Akita I continue attorney Abner
appreciation when a tic-tac atta
Kamehameha decade Geico rock era they
give you lambda it is a Tahoe
mang short irony active SUNY a but a
short joke orthotic our movie shop not
that I cannot see one carbon in Makati
tacamo he’s at second and what they
reckon amongst you is Dorian Dell of
course I got a tiger my machete mm-hmm
tygo are they hmm
we know quality much after Donna
apathetic I kind of wish a strong rock
or a tree he quoted nakisha hot sauce
began an operator if they could wonder
summer doesn’t even that’s I got a
camera up there
I wonder they glow weekly come Heiser
home Jose come you didn’t know under so
maybe joy it Cox order ticket varmitech
a Majnu yes they are taking majestic did
they make Hey they take lumber finding
edge it ahoy Doreen everybody order to
under knee high money to decode a hope
well I’m animating me a hook on with
each other who are high high into I’m
Denis tomando a ghillie up Nora
JJ down bar air then support a to put in
who AJ a tiny crater atop hobby I’m
Danny kool-aid hollow
mullah Umbra okay there politic the body
into each age I got any applicable or a
the Kanchanaburi then can we akitaka
apne la lune Paulo in Cochin coraggio to
shop coochie Hotei into who know carnage
a convict econom Danny bond over to de
Quito condom to be really a sheeter to
create a rubber man Teixeira
he showed any camera terawatt today
again ammonia or imbalance t-bone
auction weight loss due to height knocks
away with Vinny Ambra ha ha no Courtney
Cox I’m a lousy double being a lazy
afternoon Inuit I didn’t coconuts in use
only toy ticket eulogy
regular motor a conviction mitachi mr.
Darin Obispo sister because you gotta
borrow to korea vamp or babe our
immediate hot wax wanna dog Chicago had
the attacker Jim here agulu oh they
caught among suppose a big at Kadena a
key D you know coming our way
Porsche car Koramangala a pity no KD
loop Ravana oh oh gotta watch your holy
a big team of the hi Lauren at my salat
Arabic Twitter party
you know we win the party is a sure we
win no her I can Yahtzee weekly
to keep have a high-protein really high
now Marcia marine not much for a
it’s a bishop a courier cannot put money
in drama we just show me the glass table
a bit about ty mm-hmm I will always have
a mouse a Hindu rock in a messy but in a
population one dumb are they is later it
our pseudo hono akari hot enough I’m not
with you already
you know everybody you know is your ad
said I saw more like Malo it’s
inapplicable or you can record to the
interior cats coach in multi sure ash
our identity after attacking are either
kiddie Emma take her take whoever
absolutely Schumer to take to pollinated
chile de aquí hoy auditory niushan papa
heart or Upton
Kiba Vicky Koren go to do John keep her
so much a park or in shuttle active I’m
sorry at ticket rolling you know that
tatata holy on equality at seen at skate
sue martin ag Dabney cottage on TJ
Morris pollen para balloons repeat to
Malaysia moving be shorter
come on about a jet double stubble not
actually a brother cooler Sakina
come on jets a shaumbra below
virtually oh my actors for making the
bishop holiday iconic to show Mike to
come hello Jay
after that joke on motion hello portugal
like to cost ahoy at sir so elaborate on
the echo story a canto Terra DK : allah
wanted with department is you need a
possible oh absolutely
gives you the after the Kostecki more
his king teach i a pretty big support
went batshit ticket to look for a
manicure to the comedy touch i shake it
movies de Barbarossa wanna play a rock
Sakina Sakina
I might actually start every become I
could eat a doubt be hopeless at the
Jolla to agreement on Peggy customized
don’t like to hold back out there holy
moly come on donkey keepo le chien women
after radiata judy bullet then Nancy a
plan with hi Ashley how could you pop it
I wonder Goods MTD Parramatta volley
I got an humble in could hi Ashley
another antenna got on the night chapter
Graham sure he lastly could you pay W
tickets are turning to no bunch from
where the Virgin of ha’la’tha cool I
shall be there to volunteer – I keep all
it up Tara I mean Paula Akana Prada
watch que mató Kathy from sneaky too
deep to crew shittaka weimar finding me
then Ichi could have been those
Khruschev issue is I cannot Otto Jonte
Oh Janet I licked a baron
a taken I did to chrishi plot shot by a
bygone take out Shilpa raka raka at do
you know art absolutely email kurta
pardon chrishi at the total TV a chicken
I auto before court appearance should
know Akshata shots who are doing art in
doing nombre
Chakrabarti reported
chuckle night a typical pastor Bohr

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