Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- লতিরাজ কচু চাষ করে মাসে আয় ৮০ হাজার টাকা | খুলনা | deepto tv |

Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- লতিরাজ কচু চাষ করে মাসে ৮০ হাজার টাকা আয় | খুলনা | deepto tv | পর্ব-৯৬১
কৃষক: মনিরুজ্জামান শুভ
ঠিকানা: সাজিয়াড়, ডুমুরিয়া, খুলনা
Deepto Krishi is a roots-level show where the Deepto Krishi team travels all over the country gathering stories of people engaged in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, farming, etc. It is an intimate and informative show about people and how they are using the land to carve out living for themselves and their families.
Connect with Deepto TV: YouTube:
Deepto TV address: 7/A/GA Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka 1208.

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assalamualaikum shaikh i shall go to the
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Allah who is co2 can you show me a
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today Aikido Shetty OTG
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Terry Hudson line take a line to do if
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remarkable idea whole imitate enormous
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doctor has a perfect Hamish a rope on
airport go to the Emporium Latinos at a
age who didn’t want it I’m gonna Chara
Barroso tataki God shape or you know –
hi Elmo take guru kick natural provision
who eats a bar no – Korey Kuhl Hardee’s
he’ll enjoy it hey can I continue –
Paula Deen porpora be our curry or tacky
Keisha the Sumatra could be salmon
apollomon urea phosphate that’s her area
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to be a short one image a journalistic a
pikey we killed George take a kilo
typically Hotel a Ekman look typically I
would say up not show Laura come on at
Hotel culture food I would say be clear
I would say a teenisha way mmm dr.
Felicia – taka
that’s our culture
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don’t a connector port job – amar I can
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gases here mm-hmm kuba click or take a
look at a kg chef a particular actor Bob
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or buena noche past ahead of stagger at
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vegetable shape of a particular sample
Kobe American take a kovitch I was a
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bikini they can hold so much top
dictation opinions
no I mean yes
oh yeah funny pun did you fight about
your own accompany pump I should say
Marcus party pump oxy
I played a rebel-held quarterback
departed you know that was a sergeant
Kocher okay Jo Boustany and I’m Raja
co-chair show Jupiter month map Naru I
have been an egg – no but Mohammed a
Kahoolawe rocky – Oh Geo News tancho
luckily mom already understand Big Ben
I’m at the cottage soon been up to DC
voltage a up red chilly immunity
Kashkari city
Oh dick Shawn Munir Katya Bangladeshi
shopsite to borrow a click Hitachi crew
she shortened gigantic his home on a
gigantic a 8000 Nibiru tickets pea boy
they were too no need to know van hollen
club nice a toccata bullet shumou
cabinet a clobbering shell vadhaka
okay Matt attack by machines
yo commish otaku nutshell cool nodular
do Maria poodle are you cozy Lucretia
officer Mosaddegh hosan assalamu alayka
logins from jonathan policy dr. Shara
Bechet are connected to act a law right
city change all over you forever turn
jalwa you poor aborted pitiable to-
borrow food keep calm weather yet Cindy
hi I’m right 1800 Nick into a catch
Korea still AM caught a bolshie lamken
to guru mm oh god hurry a get Scylla
Akane sheesh portation show by equity at
put a hobby kara narcho no burner
I will shake it is joy joy Bush had a
bomb javelin – okay guru tonic TT on it
didn’t reveal a stable up me bowling and
opposite I wouldn’t know what consumer
will change imma do evaluation but we
share able to be hardcore see ma chambre
he shook up or emotion did she said her
about community a Tannenbaum calm money
is a to partial go take any style on
Xena mina-san Shakur see I’m makin a
connection to the Kaaba correct but he
can do it but team deciding in the logon
inserted wound up on to begin the motor
side or latina going into taxi mono
change a president
there’s OB sashko look at the methane
emission hi oh no chick is a battleship
carbon dioxide billion breeze I want to
know is Abhishek 11 will be shooting
today actor be shake Clem corner
carbonation economy sucks create a
policy meeting a mission oj oj in the
Asian no change I’m looking to easier to
apportion the care products and Matsu
together give us idea now set up or even
to our marketing in the NASA for China
to bulletin in Jack Annika shoemaker to
take kid holiday do ballet watch TV she
happy an accumulator got the Olsen I do
a similar to that of Alicia don’t a
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I’m gonna tangle to chase a kiss on a
cell anemia say okay pic show through
theta they do all of the arrogant those
even understand I’m a target excellent a
ladybug beetle through the rainbow no no
charm is you’re going to explain course
it’ll be much easier to determine
kookaburra rope long enough got a
neighbor literally perpetuity
no kanojo plus 1/6 of in guca oracle
sugar sesame score not much of the
belief of it
hey I’m not committed to be when I
finally about her looking away her go
down digitabulum definitely knows L plus
s to win I’m a mean score my carbon is
in group a chicken oh shoot I wasn’t
mean about a philosophical ethical OTP
coronation ceremony a loti today actor
money jaqen today bad way we generate
amanda marcotte dicta come on Quigley
it’s ok
market it how the car before Mercutio
okay so should I said that under
illusion imagine being able to do a case
about Benghazi General de Marchand in
bars I suppose I pinch are much more
work indeed the holiday show should have
an eye shake atcha alright I be shaken
loose on a keyboard or a zombie I would
say I’m wrap be shook to burn your
Dakota we’ll see I don’t the Miche gonna
be super now we’ll need a pod yeah yeah
big men’s I wonder sugar guy can do
booze Hulu Ballal article night who look
Jerry I should I look medium original
tightening up on she will know there
were porosity passed in but
soybean for allegan upon a pioneer palm
where cobalt Salama Chris shocked by
Japan in from jetty by booster Cora hard
now I I couldn’t only thorny panic and
patchouli I should say Marco is pani pom
bow our own internet pani Bambi igloo
when it cooks sausage attic fish up Arab
a bar called the parikia we’ve ever got
to body
David maybe shampoo shikhandi Jeremy
sure that can happen is it a bull seal
and the gas is due to go fire the
rushing to go the water g60 was a AWD
alternate wetting and drying when a
particular region of Chicano I’m gonna
shake I said in the Commissioner
Commissioner the Iroquois my piece about
hey bunny talk to coupon easy and oh god
I mean Chalapathi Eternia Bobby Bobby
short a profile irrigation voltage at
Abuja and the Tamara you know to be sure
they camera the Bangladesh now hey maybe
she can a weekly show para and there are
shaky to Juba case it’s a another cook
so Jay and up coordinate a pattern I
pick a shish J personally I’m a shoe
bike any voltage I’m a junk they say she
wear protective all venture to correct
subbu actually boo boo ba Baracus
inaudible says no chip you like
Appalachia wanna kick into Lake apology
Katara the second ago decide money
shouldn’t get the key sugar designer you
work with wrote about the chrome icon
Judy TACA TACA TACA surrender – its ina
you know I’m not sure you got the Thai
she don’t notice that this happened or
pushing call Bob Lord as a supermodel do
better contact window ganache there’s a
few others are hot – the attack me buy
me a Kuchiki code where I’m not amused
she look at the good side oj t he
support the work she don’t know I’m a
short on Chris Rock Joshua geostatic
ironic to know watch from whatever June
of halal ago insha’allah wa dokka have
occurred under what condition mother may
i met took out the bullets at it oj he
she gave me our second pushy Kuno it I
is it up or below the table has
obviously achieve a logo torre de panama
Kisha together change a crucial issue is
I cannot Otto John de OCHA at elect a
baron a taken I did to Chrissy
plot shot by a bygone take out Shilpa
raka raka at do you know art absolutely
evil quarter pardon chrishi at the
– dot g v 8t can i auto before court
apparent should know Akshata shot joy
are doing art in doing nombre
Chakrabarti reported in chocolate a
typical pastor Persian – doors open –
Chris okay O’Connor a token appeared
excellent Kathy from Nevada today
Lucretia co-sponsored by mark Hispanic
bump – okay chill Amanda article Babu
Medina teach our ballot has been on a
pallet Hoffman a la vez

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