Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- ডেইরি খামার ব্যবসায় সফল হওয়ার মূলমন্ত্র কি !!| গাইবান্ধা | deepto tv |

Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- ডেইরি খামার ব্যবসায় সফল হওয়ার মূলমন্ত্র কি !! | গাইবান্ধা | deepto tv | পর্ব-৯৬৩
খামারী: মো: মোনায়েম রহমান
ঠিকানা: মনোহরপুর, পলাশবাড়ি, গাইবান্ধা
Deepto Krishi is a roots-level show where the Deepto Krishi team travels all over the country gathering stories of people engaged in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, farming, etc. It is an intimate and informative show about people and how they are using the land to carve out living for themselves and their families.
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Deepto TV address: 7/A/GA Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka 1208.

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guy Wanda dish tkm bottom on punishment
for their almost untouched home with
dough and I’m gonna go get Higgy guru
was too hungover a heart/liver doorknob
Bosco camera honey a punishment but do
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rickshaws it wasn’t worried that their
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Hamas Hanukkah tradition of the Michigan
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diversity vision about Jimmy I’m right
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of the search for girls it about the
money school meal program let
Association amra dude deem monkey to
equal to CD Emma into discrete earlier
Madrid it’s either a bit of a side that
I believe other than a market price
types of Barbie I Markham are a group
with licorice with the pave issue
dutifully Tara how Martha monitor ideas
bar psi written about Augustana VDC I
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31 as salam o alikum JJ can attend after
the show ye shall go to learn and seek a
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farming a dairy farm tear polish Roja do
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Amitabh Bachchan a POJO muy it take to
Korra and no 2 Newton be a guru jib to
Karachi nail varnish at a farm in a can
now model itself given integrated agraja
fun formula
Kiki operated a guru to know each other
Gavi cha-cha-cha see partial positive
partial Sanger method bios plant curry
chicken turkey Kunihiko – who knew I’d
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year video courtesy
Jodi I’m Rob thank abusive everything go
chill I’m Kim –
totally sharp initially she have a
pioneer you know I’m really didn’t even
echevarría Coco the percentage did a 360
462 even 80 I posted a parapro two major
cone gap he’s on brokerage in metal that
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appreciate picking I’m it from Tel Aviv
you with this you do not only borrow
foolish rhetoric or dinner much in a
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issuance ferocious rotor salty puro
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progeny at Attica see I actually
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smile are gay
lonely damage for the department is
putting bullets Alam II diabetic about
huge opportunity after Bank fruity
bought you a Jew the actor camera dr.
TACA TACA Licata watch us eat roti
bhatura da so Domus a activist velocity
in the connector cotton nose here a midi
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some zinc d’etat okay this will heat up
when I said take it stuck not the on
camera maintain quality suta back to
tell you that no big ticket takers
I even a quarter a Kuwaiti appreciable
Joshua take cash – about cochinita more
at a gigantic or two to cool jacket
after a heist Josh about fortune i’ma
try solely because I will be downloaded
– I see fool big Hoss –
Jake or body then corridor car
a cool night can op Nick how many G Park
Choong a koto person prior to the
percent protein a percent well opticore
can look how urban dr. Tony D the amulet
or evaporated sindermann ago Steve Jay
Dixon to Cortana BC – inna a hodgepodge
owned by ate a vegetable unity a tawny
yellow milking cow
Nahal a bunch of Pathology a consulate
akuma java tama comedy actor dennis
bureaucratic officially CJ do the
seropositive even identify take
university Jericho Nia me onyx for my
hot dog looks a pulling up a day maybe
our body Jim is now attacking Erick
Erickson Cochin I tag up you – no no no
– mo act too busy touch our hearts data
okay honest I actually she – oh you grow
Tony Jay charge it up region hey I heard
another cover Aisha my making cool okay
dude okay I’m a guide with Jeff idea say
do did you know Tasha Graham damn donut
at shikhandi have a gourmet Russia I’m
ready demoted machinist it
asking real estate or we missing it
butum egg let me check or abused
mentally I could at average we have a
custody matter steadily I’m a dick into
electronic about rotation wound up on a
camera bed and easier to Dakota chicken
is shattered rock amid Ubu : tuxedo
funky Nene I shall shake her natural
shot Romelu poker on taxi @kg another
cab area prayer now a patch kit is Judy
amid another Cabernet shaken upon touch
megajoule shook t are coated orca –
delish Megadeth Irish a big hush take
ADT Patton at Katie cash a check to
megajoule shakti down upon a road okuni
– delish who a gal who came to eat hot
daughter again detail how a man ashy
Megiddo Shakti de Janeiro poor need for
code may my name
unless you didn’t tell Emma
if she did do even cross the quarter to
karate-do piace any actual door spit i
prostrate I search it
I’m a little soul of it that’s a lot I
must catch a key
if it doesn’t work I tutor search a
it could fit through it I think I’m
ready to portage it already
as-salam-o-alaikum walaikum Salaam
Olli I can be surety doctor Xu decorum
Oh mulatto Kabakov additive identity
cooperative Acosta’s manta ray MC Shan
ji ki Fateh road you know that was Tania
a Dornish to dentwich a negative we do
reverse the plus 2 e got sherbet arch I
take it he could correct the corner and
then our sweetie we teach our unity
he kept in a cupboard ma need another
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develop an even another cover it had a
Ahana Paul even cos theta it will
Danaher globe gala the gum like hurry
reduce to polygon Korean language a
calcium gene charge approach generally
the higher the person we were
vaccination me Acosta body hidden arrow
but he kinda hired a singular Tiki Beach
Tim I’m a mulatto a guru cool okay if
you pull which are the hairs to share
with a FMD vaccine I’m accustomed
about the Chalmers pop-rock written
contract in Moscow to lag report for
vaccination protected
Lucetta Yolo say I won’t be resettled
para mercy I’m not talking about to be
chained I was comg
loco reduction Rotom can’t put a canoe
with which all our own FX additional
currently akan at multiple yes we got to
teen watch can cannot if M divides in
the control you can add fine Arabic max
inclusive mastitis can you put shaving
guitar – Tata picking have a Coachella
I mean people visited our semester
mastitis actual technology Ventura Hana
tar Paulo guru to hone doo de doo da
prata to subscribe push a quota heavily
I pull stated in article guru dude they
are political guru Scrooge I tell you
what they were all energy states visit
about the shaky camera will grab digital
to the context within operate have our
progeny would do for us wanna cover
daily session to the contact I think
daddy attack a cherry floor blue
new table floor not sorry Victor Bodine
corporate Dakota hobby Jetta Bowl she’ll
end up being a Ojai shita only camera
booster Purina
j8s a mistake is which a and J coach is
Janina will do the whole Coral coral
we had page open ret capita decepticon
tarot ater Sharia doctor as she Jonah
Jetta vodka juicy empty taste it nada
too much on the altar code beneath the
Cora Hibiki repo nerudin
Auto by ahmed haji applied energy event
a appear a camera
Emma status Hibiki Havana
the table I’m like to swindle joke-hole
actor gap he battled a bit but John made
a gay appropri parish ant activity key
for a second
actually I’m on the Google of concept
karate so if you look I’m not you know
grammar tourists are maintained Korea
gets a prize that’s a catchy told it
okay I’m a master instructor gigantic in
AJ Hoge agony I need your presence at me
I’m DeLuca Holy Ghost a pop or a cup or
in a context where I go near still a
macho string I mean should do more today
about John Mooney chasing should
motivate to fill today chapter XI sure
the but JJ muta John Moe Nietzsche
Hanukkah lineage a passage on Apollo Don
Budge to take a new job new calendar
career or my childhood toy say show me a
Gravatar jor-el today the Pacific a Ito
faced by the medicine that they could be
portion are I can manage a a day one
take a poo rotor show boy a connector
doctor sooner Depardieu it says she
genomic into shock Super Bowl CJ
apparel keekorok comedy take a like
garbage from crock Iranian but pregnant
grab he jong-kook Iranian eternal for
him hollow but should
indication a key Nene estaba capacitor
boredom indicate return to order a
pallbearer the gotta be she shouldn’t
need a gen a no janta well dance electro
she couldnít there how we’re only doing
about application where they were
Journal heart attack man ChaCha
hey echo economy up there a bathroom
Alan pollen take a shooter correct OMG
kappa cool oh dude it’s a honor caller
Stephanie Cameron College Butchie actor
Gabby key Joe honkin chip Johan Budi a
average actor Gavi case shop for smelly
that do should take at least a couple
gent opening party at chef at a vector
Gavin so that’s making cow a blow dart
elegiggle hace a reversal of a box
nagaru letting actual mr. cash at least
a budget the part dated house porridge I
haven’t washed ratio to create fish
cookery a glop oligarchy
I need a chorister for ty
at humor a need for poor become very
high among bonito at not a rope or a
after the Rococo Sahaba Kaufman
preceding it he said Africa dr. Wahby
how about a Puri mantas are my neighbor
is a charm to meet a new age our bike to
coulomb la mia joy even say may be
cynical stucco me that’s a shame have a
garage who stood her click in the auto
VEISHEA college poll benefit a cabal
carlos de OCHA in easy to shop too thick
edge SMEs Lee kun-hee Bartok often body
they will come–and ago HOV to put her
Babar would say they are a boy in shape
like a comical tigress homeowner or
change home at hundreds a DARPA Raptor
bee pollen bag estaba charmolue a shop
key to camera shot a Dorito Judy
epileptic to be / – chorim
– just from horizontal I can eat ice
Traverse for the cubanos from psychotic
on a good quality so joggin I’ll check
another place hari past won’t pass phone
back on a high chair moon it would blow
a bit equal aura there are sheep i bob
you new target to K by L a quesadillas
to the dam tonic commerce
jack on a midi do this Jay at a cost
assumed a
to turn the production Costa I’m at the
quanta garcina
loss apology so I’m gonna grab a school
day I’m later makeup guru tegh a second
okay sisupala poreotics was home side no
kata apricot jam wash brush knee Kawada
gotta be new horrid Ceylon I’ll shave in
ooga chokka each other both rooted the
credits in China by acronym very
commercially kamenashi
I’m a video course the vault a guru
Szabo Stavros oh ho tae equity Parvez
guru below a hundred glass jaw see each
melody idea lost a total technical
content parable a poacher monogamy Cain
shall have to occur tomorrow
ROH – job no body shame polisher
agitator gay after that we got a
children a comedy RC parallel ro V s 1
jo curious how much that holoprojector
now instead it Jackie
gee I’m Raja coochie coo she corrected
Carlos woman my polish on my jewel chick
in the air
– well as a dairy sector on egg – no but
hollow tarkman doors open – ah –
Andromeda Shantipriya chillin on Antonio
became a Tamika G from sneaky D – D –
crocheting American in banana chip Kauai
politic on on in politic on campus
Chrissy besides I cannot OH – Dante Oh
Janet I licked a baron a taken I did –
Chrissy plot shot by a bygone days girl
Shilpa raka raka at do not absolutely
evil quarter pardon Chrissy at the total
TV ate chicken I auto before court
should know Akshata shots who are doing
art in doing nombre Chakrabarti reported
in shock alert a typical pasta poor

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