Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- টমেটোতে লাল হয়ে গেছে মাঠের পর মাঠ | চট্টগ্রাম | deepto tv |

Deepto Krishi/দীপ্ত কৃষি- টমেটোতে লাল হয়ে গেছে মাঠের পর মাঠ | চট্টগ্রাম | deepto tv | পর্ব-৯৩০
কৃষক: মোহাম্মদ আলী
ঠিকানা: গুলিয়াখালি, সীতাকুন্ড, চট্টগ্রাম
সারসংক্ষেপ: সিতাকুন্ডের গুলিয়াখালিতে মাঠের পর মাঠ জুড়ে কৃষকরা চাষ করছেন টমেটো। মৌসুমের এই ফসলটির পাশাপাশি এইসব জমিতে বছরের পুরো সময় জুড়েই বিভিন্ন সবজির চাষ হয়ে থাকে। টমেটো চাষে এইবছর কৃষকদের লাভ ক্ষতিরহিসেব নিয়ে দীপ্ত কৃষির এই পর্ব।

Deepto Krishi is a roots-level show where the Deepto Krishi team travels all over the country gathering stories of people engaged in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, farming, etc. It is an intimate and informative show about people and how they are using the land to carve out living for themselves and their families.
Connect with Deepto TV: YouTube:
Deepto TV address: 7/A/GA Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka 1208.

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really shocked by urban areas Salaam
I shall go to shop evolution emo voltage
era Malaysia engage in Schwab acacia
cottage energy caddy from Snively too
deep to create a no Shakima hotei a
mirage or two Grammies she takunda
gulia Caliphate even amateur passivity
to look according they’ve been Mattel
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good step at sentimental Britain – two
little words even Pasha position
artistic or biochemically Shakira
combination addition gate hakuna pure
honest Andhra Pradesh on github chi a me
assalamualaikum waalaikumsalam Chronicle
over captain johnathan al hamdulillah
– Tommy turkey technique a scorching
heat a kept man I kept mechanikat’s
Gordon amar category after need you if
you’d ever need yoke a scorching d to
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you have knowledge Oshkosh cordon Kiku
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cook borrow Marjorie Tom to Josh would
say they like active a bishop
appreciated ohmmeter Josh Gordon Miss
America Thomas has correctness of the
quarry is a parsec or caught the boat
right down to Josh courts in Kosovo
Oh make sure he gets it though D – from
where – if you – Tommy – chassis codes
indicate possible penalty – Josh :
I don’t know server address of the SAS
garage money excision actual g-d
Tommy – Josh with Japanese Cortina boom
ironically shocked by record drum to
take a bitch para la food chicken a
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the drama to the lab ahoy me only what
radhaji the goats in application hello
Bobby bolt apparently kanaky Jackie Roy
keep her back not Josh Kutz Nikita –
Tommy – honey
Oh Batali profit early the middle targum
G attached to up narrator Akuma Sheila
and Jimmy T it has Robin Marcel lasted
the abortion away
bitch nigga coordinate etiquette this is
technically a chat show became
automotive profit early corner guru
cannot eat – Oi the shabak pappardelle
career are partially under the truck or
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torture attack Oracle is a a gamma ray
holida so do go too far I have many
Canada shonky a cottage on sumak nica’s
Kota abnegation
everybody’s here one more with John
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shaky key Josh quarry near a geeky
chiloe Erica Kier Asilomar pasillo
Susilo must connect much Cali tacky
Hanoi didn’t take it Cyril I got the
prize for systems homologate matza but
they can Akali tacky to Chara talk
neural she beats Tony could eat a
container at the beach that would take
any action miss miss miss but not the
candy she the be to undertake a bit in a
time for kick or knew that purikura
deserve miss keener Iggy Skinner a
camera B stiletto era Cory Itachi
yes territory pride for erotic abyss
delegate that market is a kobani for a
yacht I tossed as a Dorito hi Daniel
Tosh chatter – okay – I can absorb a
shark it’s also a shark you should die
South Park Zoo urea kiss with ESP UsWe
Murphy look the MIT team is from correct
do shop for today that probably stay
personally attacked big portion of you
can you imagine
I wish I can be shaken out there boss
shakily sorry I lost oh here’s a guy uh
shared item I can share dinner it up
there at the mall senior motto
but the Sun on da Matta technically
sound dear Motty de decade goes on for a
mr. Hawley addiction exotic now for this
al-jarba students a cool effect is
desirable of hockey family at the beach
de unique ashore a shoe am rejuvenated
Evonik a Mateo no canoe propria should
encourage you because you could tell
shouldn’t coral Ayanna obese good I can
say package so they’ve got a tacky
mm-hm I can wash my dick you today okay
wrote like an array a beach to joke when
you talking of Madeira shoot incorrect
lacked energy to incur I take a packet
too tight oh gee I’d sure appreciate
about the education piety Munich
interval Zealand the joke Anambra budget
take a bit stuck in a miasma
shiteru the shows Ankara Hui Turkey
Bubba shoot Amaterasu Kali who is at sea
Kim – Judy shootin Karnataka she can
kick into food hungry Neda
keep her by shooting Corbin Goren
panadol Auto Bharucha new Raj taking to
Tommy to beat should encourage a shoot
imatra beach with uncle dick into
children ethniki Martita shootin good to
her be cheeky 3 ma te boom beach duty
children Cora who attack a shake and a
camera Paolo cherica’s Babu even college
I got sticky Interop Abu Hanifa loon
umpire play ball challenge a bitch to
capture a teratogen
to shake hit record in some oil again
mistake appeared in what you think
finished able to keep Alito Chakotay
what the oh it cannot be
stolen take you see it’s a guy I guess I
will forget her mother was is a
retractor shock adora Gina Decker
protector dattari darkness remove
Shaheena do you take a pimp at the Holly
get matter the coma I did it Havana at
the Kate Nash October when I could eat I
cheated even you couldn’t pop wiki I
look pretty good Caramba
sorry to do karate today I’m nauseous
from the latest echidna so it’s optical
glass a mm-hmm I cannot hire continues
Karina at Sonic the chimney get seat
item I’m happy to be shown a club or one
more kick to hit a water filter buddy a
pattern a challenge a
don’t apply a big be peace says BQE dr.
Kunze Jenna got Stern agony honey
hey Bashar corporal agarn oh sorry chef
is annoyed masha’Allah you’re not at the
party is you happen here I come for me
to patch in Coto show me liggett’s a try
boomers do we match even up don’t you –
bitch Mahalo wrong you should see a car
on holidays it’s happening bullying the
big toe here get sonic Donna try upbeat
music watch the drama tortilla Shh come
on log in to get this chance come on mr.
lagana Adams at a diagram tomorrow’s
vlog a Kiki
– Kishan move on attacking okay gonna
wash up all day mr. Dekkers I don’t
wanna tear that the dr. Doyle fossa
mm-hmm Ruger motto tops of doctoring
keep your old about it I can I have the
mosaic battles back as I mm-hmm
Calaveras of decade’ misawa’s a definite
attract Nashik is called a coma died by
a garter cottage Odie Woodley kind of
down tutorial second of bikini Carter
trauma to pathology mortgagee take a
shower every morning at scenic unum
Roku HD she generic Omega the lead
glider caramelizing lady blighted
carbonyl I eat a collocation of Shahi
Holly gasps a pollen comas I gotta come
as I pack into Jewish egg booty gets me
check them shook Nepal today we’re going
to show booster quads a chiloe
room de patata koo koo aj egg pasta
Gomorrah smoke whatever shampoo new
putter dreamer a jay-z
nigga got to shift shine I keep my shop
jiggy who the panic gasser karateka
should go right again see we have no
talking joking boost a parent to concur
on your turkey talk on main cause of
metallics in dawa high achieving a
particular protocol crush on proven make
it a bash willing to do geun-hye talked
not no director could you from Canada
her where you say that’s why
you know air portable Apogee when I’m
right back to the United Depot jump over
he gets a jack in the margin now I think
it’s Harry Caray al-assad I have a
washer at Suzuka washable a critic they
do Joshi cute are they hot they actually
mean what the cupcake you’ll double it
you’re gonna catch Gordon V no need to
go – holy moly assalamualaikum
waalaikumsalam yeah well nothing
well Watson to catch coach in the
Showgirl take a casual check honey
protein are in touch cortex
hikage corn if you talk to Tommy turtle
on the couch to couch or do any category
need you meeting us at America’s career
don’t you wanna go through how you do
with it – gotcha gosh borrow syrup milk
articles in dodgeball robot suit the
patient get the polish on poured away
gets heated up they’re gonna catch Cody
I got to interpret it in Barrow quantum
shock Eliason shown the puja to tackle a
multi-ethnic caba daba Natasha like a
shopkeeper I did chip
okey-dokey soon Barney at a deep hollow
18 hostage catapulting : such a catch
Gordon – chemical double-team diggity
I’ll have it hiya Pete I want a real
goodbye / – they’re hidden Abner
deaconate told me to check out a chapel
P kokorin Cote Hamas a did you lock
vinicky Abner Yokum come to tap a key
they have mega dojo good time
no rash hey Tomo to that the aquatic is
in DB can a gas attack I was tied at
door Jose at Sur – she keeps the up
knotted up Madoka make the bean you cut
into it you have not taken evil Italy in
a profit right that’s a core particle
geometry Tommy – Josh good to oxygen
have not to do quad-cam want a cockroach
a try those clock a tiger kasaya Sakura
says gee I’d sure it would have been
happy lecture I can kick Cadillacs a
third party they applaud a big he cordon
sheesh poor Junko I mean they’re
approaching 80 Tommy – Otto kiddo come
the embassy hi Aconitum OData solid
staccato Mamba Quixote my egg honey I’m
gonna dip
takes a do – I detect the matter you
need to borrow – Rita Tommy – fella
who’d say they will protect a Tom –
Derek Hale could approach or fall under
FOIA t at Ocean the wrong is it say I’m
not IKEA double alpha let me click on a
corner pocket Africa
oh do you want me she didn’t tell me she
either forgot or outside the machine so
would you go – it’s a pocket okay sure
boss my god I forgot
Telefonica ha estado con did you borrow
his chicken to eat or do that it will
keep taking Ike dome aquannia no
creature can hack take a traditionally
budget MRAP on notify it honey
coup de Caro kunikida show commissioner
who channel new chemical there who China
you need a clean shot get up next the
McLeish Unga me she needed a metallic
thump I feel ya – porous stone quarry I
wonder if I should the to read it since
you’re taking 200 lager be sure you know
I’m liking the diversify now from
chemical leaves a total of okay
let’s a take a lambda because it it does
take upon order kids do dumb bitch if I
I carried you lift akka
was already I take out the very second I
can take you are Odin user via I don’t
think it is Erik was right
gotta look and attorney is a very key I
can take it so literally I can it shut
Arabic taqueria Halloween if you have no
Tommy – Josh coach in happy to beginning
for Tory Cochin even Commodore – go take
a commercial movie no it’s in a poor
gentle with newborn irrigate acrimony
I’d say back who briefed stay back or
I’ll come get you a present oh if
ordinary Quran I packed the blue the
garage the cons are to finally watch
some or not I get better mechanism
answer what we should the cattle is it
the fish a day Benedict Mohammed
avocados require as I do require Syria
mother if jojoba shot if you look a deal
a gyaru pollen Balaban are obese to the
pure Corbin theta D by owning halal
oppression get caught her bouillabaisse
an exceptional
appletalk articles in a plane geometry
Nakata koruna media sham naruko nuclear
shock like a pina colada
honey American about the pre-show
pirates in the traditional village Anita
rocky code cynically assalamualaikum
waalaikumsalam Kharitonov murder
following son of allah see the Tommy –
Enoch and the catch cause need to caught
her will happen – on game :
suppose you got a bowline over I’m
regular tomato category and see a honor
for a Ziggler amra Oh bother of God
corrosion no Ziggler photo particular
bus good to see Avon Portugal ah cool
Umbra pillar DDC Bernanke I’m on um no
most of her no most of the most of her
body to catch Courtney can have not
taken to me at c- Nakata do me the cash
for its negative right
yes harmonium user Shattuck or not
pollen who eat a come on follow you
think Allah like the bumper Tommy –
Tommy – Tommy – Paki like if you catch a
taxi pockets happen occasionally by the
jet Gordon hey catch up a car burglar
hello a toy you saw me down brother jump
on a hammock in pecan Anika cut it down
to the Apache you know tap near a
grading Corbin’s you Kunta Bordeaux
Kunta to treat her with a la la
Cucaracha I’m Kate – to the volume G bar
OG Tom to colossi Jaffna hijita
remediate any level to borrow sighs you
know damn kiddo come igloo dharmic on
Tony’s take it totally happened any kind
of operation Vijay I can’t be a part in
a city honey honey jar accretion pilots
in exile my petty cash in the kyboot
ticket unity political dilemma you say
that’s a telugu aruna Bhishma we damn
party I told you they got ability bike
to to top her dumb pedo computed um
agronomic is to go three stars I gonna
be give me a beer inventory right to
charge bashko – what’s it about – I’d
say right up nightly Kennedy reconvene
you could tie up in Daytona cost oh good
after this shady Poland acceptable in
bumper fallentin it’s here but Kira
Camilla Bashir we can take it I can take
a Umbridge e.g Bobby
region 1/4 equals e da da canopy Noguchi
a beam overtaking I’m Ramon ago today by
Ashley person la palma de inshallah
better motherboard as she parts them are
cheaper I’m an amateur Deacon the actual
data coral scooter Mir hola Bathsheba
should Hoshi Tucker huh she did the
shoot to La Palma choristers your best
buddy AJ Tommy to time you forgot your
act a Power Move Ito module emerge for
mucho pasta kiss for luck the Bible must
take its yd important good damage III
peppery dick a sticky Bionic show me
Mikey base upon Omega C by Perry parts
in a collage on shaky who uploaded
mother so much so I’m glad I’m not
cookin really good toy for career for
Kota Kennedy a mother Sita window for
the lipo di you do the except
oldest to newest oldest worker foreign
power amra issue Khatta meetha body
Ksenia boobs for mother’s day Umbra onyx
our Hobbit gray in Salonika Hollow
followed by C Ebert Omarosa screw a
mother on a bumper poor mrs. ekabo
Gotama de barajas you solaro
be sequence raja baath kerubim give
another nice hacks of Z bar Tama to
eagle or a bishop is equal Paula vu each
a mother go visit a versa
I’m gonna react you know come protest
relaxes you have me hushed in Golan
bumper followed me time Adobe the
parallax a Dubai epigenomics you book
I’m gonna technically kaalavela people
kochkor chillin Disney catch Cory nama
did Shawn why she shot schedule Ajit the
home bitch hello Thurman don’t know what
up knock up mother GU don’t know what
Holly Warlick muscle and finish up later
she mother talk mean I love it
thus of a poor JM ricotta bulb ooh –
Otto Graham acetic wounded
Upolu career would be Chandra Coon karma
kurta shoe past John Drewe not his young
gay community Jakub hollow at sea she
takunda de ghoulia Kalyan – Elliott Aero
dynamics 11d clumsy I can carry Shakira
Tommy – Josh go change it will utter a
Barbara Bowl Solange apathy cats Teague
that approach up – pull gunshot you be
the person to a Maitre D’ need this to
have a voltage I told me to check iii/iv
should be recap tonight Kiki shows you
see Tommy Vietor
I’m goona we talk already
do you know teacher get the cake eggman
acoustic guitar experiment Electra
individually we interview something I’m
not someone mercury is how the with a
curry an airport mr. Hattori
I don’t you do mr. Saleh other social
puddle I won’t operate by stage of
wisdom and might I dare open Cara I
won’t disturb – so much hot oil reserve
Fordham Road Bala nestled amongst
they’re holding robbers on top and other
people also do you dougie that’s cool I
came to borrow money dated a cadet see
Amedeo would pardon would say evil Ambra
a beep on on it hit the magic
bubble stepatech into a shirokuma mundo
shuttle hood Senna to shake hey tricky
up editor of tokiwa no comes out you get
a color out should you cut scene should
i cancel oh she doesn’t know law from
the build area
incidentally at local metric tons of Z
would be totally soldiers don’t know
he shot did an edge of lunatic color
energy another attack pull us to the
I want a coolest was it for today local
bishop potato the rancor
joke on it has his own choice among us
to be dependent on oculus to take
bother elliptical among each other
– chekura Ju de la cake the cold storage
color hotel likely shook this dish
commercial t the only concession
watanabe only sees more than of it I
want a coolest first omelet he just
looked it over well I’m not even a saga
far exceed Khruschev issue is I cannot
auto jaunt a Gujarati lichte Baron a
taken I did the krishi plot shot by a
bygone days girl Shilpa raka raka at do
not absolutely email quarter-panel
chrishi at the total TV a chicken I auto
before court appearance
should know Akshata shots who are doing
art in doing nombre Chakrabarti reported
in chocolate a typical pasta poor gentle
cherub is she a Louie boom mr. a looper
shopjimmy sheet josh conahey
Tommy to Bangladesh walk into shadow box
we talk to Tasha Bala ba Hulu ABC huggy
hybrid Yoshioka zoom ridiculous Auto
Grammys she takunda new reality show
kada kickin it over to Josh Goodson
another own issue Pokemon Takata the
fruity occasionally shockula xuxa’s to
come on a quarry at a moto eat honey
Cisco chickadee from CVD too deep to
Christine shebib hollow tackle are deep
to Shanghai talkin

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